We all know the 100-day review – after almost 3 months, new things and new positions have been established. Reviewing a trade show is certainly also normal. But 100 days later? Does that make sense? Yes, it does.


The MSTVision flat-sharing community  

At the beginning of October 2021, the time had finally come – the first trade show as exhibitors in a long time! We are sure you felt the same way we did – we couldn’t wait to finally get together with partners and customers again. But the first big question for us is always: Where should we stay overnight? For the second time, we decided to rent a larger flat for the whole team. The MSTVision flat-sharing community was again a complete success and our conclusion after the second time is clear: we will continue this in the future.     


Documents hot off the press  

Of course, right after our accommodation we concentrate on what we want to present: Our demos! Shortly before the fair, like all other companies, we are busy preparing the most exciting set-ups possible. This way, we can show our competences in the different areas and discuss technical questions live on-site with the help of the demos. However, this had the consequence that our customer materials were finished hot off the press, so to speak, during the night. You just have to set priorities.   


The means of transport  

What we have to put higher on our list of priorities in the future, however, is our truck. We had booked it early, but it turned out that a day before would have been better. When we rebooked, we almost switched to a vehicle that was too small. So, it’s better to have all the stuff with you and load it a bit later than not being able to take it all.    


The popcorn machine  

Snacks? Many of our visitors could not even imagine that we could really go hungry. Why should they? The popcorn machine was right there with us!   

If you can’t remember a popcorn machine now – the sound of our sorting machine kept people asking for sweet or savoury snacks – unfortunately in vain. We promise to remember it for the next fair. So come by again – maybe you’ll discover something new at our booth .  


Our customers and projects  

The entire fair has been a complete success for us so far. And that’s ultimately also the reason why our article only went online after 100 working days (if you’ve been counting, you’ll notice that we’ve been cheating a bit): We met so many interesting people and projects that this was our absolute priority in the last months! With this in mind, we are delighted that many new prospects and existing clients are now joining us here and on LinkedIn.  


We are already looking forward to Vision 2022! Until then!