Statements from our project partners




“For more than 20 years, iiM AG has been developing and producing high-quality products for industrial image processing in various industries under the two brands LUMIMAX® and VisioCablePro®. The LUMIMAX® brand specializes in powerful and highly functional LED lighting for machine vision applications.
In the context of an exciting customer project, the first cooperation with MSTVision took place at the beginning of 2021. I have enjoyed the open and transparent communication with my contacts since the beginning of our cooperation. MSTVision inquiries are very interesting for me and the exchange of possible solution variants takes place at the highest technical level. The team behind MSTVision continuously develops creative solutions for customer projects, which are then quickly and efficiently tested for feasibility in the lab. In the course of this, several applications have already been successfully implemented with our LUMIMAX® lighting systems. Therefore, I am looking forward to further inquiries from MSTVision.”

Thomas Leitner

Sales Machine Vision Lighting, iiM AG measurement + engineering




“HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics AG, based in Mainz, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets highly miniaturized fiber optic components, modules and systems for use in data and telecommunication products. Until now, many of our products have been assembled mainly manually. However, for future mass markets, we are also increasingly investing in fully automated processes and equipment. Against this background, our collaboration with MSTVision started at the end of 2019. After initial preliminary discussions, we conducted several joint development and planning workshops. In a first phase, a camera-based process monitoring system with corresponding image processing was developed for an existing manual production station. This was done in the context of a bachelor thesis supervised by MSTVision. During this phase MSTVision also convinced us of the capabilities of the image processing library Halcon. On this basis, a fully automated production line was developed in the following months, in which all process steps are executed by motorized actuators controlled by a correspondingly enhanced camera-based process monitoring. The ability of the MSTVision team to quickly understand our processes and the complex interaction of the many components was very valuable to us. The short development times (even for complex image content), the fast response times as well as the distributed work in Halcon and Visual Studio in combination with professional source code management and documentation contributed significantly to the success of our project. In addition, the teamwork was also a lot of fun for our employees and external project partners.”

Dr. Dietrich Drews

Manager Microassembly & Optics, HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics AG



“Mitutoyo and its R&D subsidiary Micro Encoder enhance peoples’ lives through world-leading metrology solutions. Our technologies and products enable a wide range of measurements and inspection using tactile or non-contact techniques in the aerospace, automotive, semiconductors, medical, and other fields. In 2018 we started working on the development of vision solutions with enhanced acquisition and processing speed. One of our development partners recommended MSTVision as experts in vision applications as well as programming in Visual Applets, C#, HALCON, and more. We were happy to get the quick engagement by the MSTVision’s management and the engineering team. Our application was a mixed bag and required software development using various tools and programming languages. MSTVision quickly assigned the right people to the project and delivered the results on time and with good quality. The team is very agile, responsive, takes the customer’s requests seriously, and works with full dedication to deliver. I had the pleasure to meet the MSTVision team in person and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Vahan Senekerimyan

Senior Manager , Micro Encoder Inc.



“The Gallus Group offers machines and services for the production of high-quality labels. It is 100% owned by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG since 2014.

In February 2019, we were looking for an expert opinion for an internal inspection task at short notice. Already 3 days after our inquiry at MSTVision GmbH, a first workshop day took place in our house. MSTVision was able to get to grips with the production steps and any errors that occurred quickly. Soon, they presented valuable new approaches. Some of them stood out from the system approaches of established manufacturers clearly. To check the feasibility of the ideas, we provided MSTVision with a small sample set. For this set, some proposed lighting arrangements were tested independently. They formed the basis for another workshop in which we evaluated the results jointly.

In addition to the very satisfying results, we were able to participate in spontaneous training sessions, e.g. for line scan cameras, resolutions or VDI Guideline 2632.

The flexibility and way of cooperation of MSTVision have to be emphasized during the workshops and the trainings both. The results provide us a valuable added value.”

Stefan Zellweger

Development Engineer Rotascreen, Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG


“Rump Folien has more than 30 years of experience in the field of film technology. In autumn 2018, we contacted MSTVision GmbH to discuss a quality assurance measurement. The company was able to visit us at short notice. They understood the task within a very short time and sketched out possible implementation options duringthe first meeting. The recommended procedure was to contact suppliers of standard systems before pursuing a customer-specific solution – this convinced us. We asked MSTVision to support us in this step. A short application description has been created, approved by our team and sent to potential suppliers. After a few days, we received offerings for budget including an evaluation by MSTVision. Based on this information, we were able to decide quickly on the next steps. MSTVision only needed one day of consultancy for this intermediate step. For us, this would have meant significantly more effort. This was a very efficient procedure from our point of view.”

Reinhard Fongern

Managing Director, Rump Folien GmbH

“Since 130 years our company with more than 1400 employees develops solutions for the widest range of glass and mirror applications worldwide. In autumn 2016 we asked MSTVision GmbH to support us within the procurement off an inspection system for a new automotive product. Mr. Stelzl gave us  valuable input for our tender document, showed us alternative process flows and helped us to evaluate the initial quotes of potential suppliers. The collaboration was highly appreciated by the team.”

Roger Mayer

Process Engineering / Project Management Coating, FLABEG Deutschland GmbH


„We contacted MSTVision through our German partner Schedel Engineering and requested a robot vision module for our system aimed at the Chinese car industry. Based on our evaluation, we knew that standard systems would fail on our challenging surfaces. In a short time MSTVision GmbH developed a powerful robot vision tool exactly to our requirements. We have been impressed by the know how provided and the flexibility shown. Due to the high standard of quality which was delivered the project was a great success”

Allen Xiong



“IMSTec GmbH is an established special purpose machinery manufacturer. Our team of around 60 scientists and engineers is specialised in developing and building high-precision, automated process technologies. Since 2014 Mr Stelzl has been supporting our image processing team on a regular basis. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of HALCON and his many years of experience in inspection technologies, he has become a reliable supporting partner for our team during this time.”

Torsten Vest

Head of Information and Imaging Technologies, IMSTec GmbH


“We introduced the HALCON image processing environment in 2014 throughout our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and deploy HALCON right from the second semester onwards. This has succeeded because we were able to attract a specialist in Mr Stelzl as a teaching fellow,who was ready and able to continually offer lectures with laboratory exercises. Someone can only do this well, if he or she knows HALCON inside and out, has solid contacts to the distributor, works constantly with it and above all brings substantial application experience from industrial projects. Mr Stelzl is exactly the right person for this. In addition, we have gained ideas for joint projects. Altogether it has been a very pleasant and productive collaboration – and each one of our students has been taught to use HALCON from an independent, professional perspective.”

Prof. Dr. Ch. Heckenkamp

Darmstadt University , Optoelectronics and Image Processing


“By deploying the advanced approaches from Mr Stelzl, a wafer inspection system could be implemented which carried only a fraction of the costs of a standard system on the market.
The system has provided good service for years in our cleanroom.”

Dr. Ulli Hansen

CEO, MSG Lithoglas GmbH


“We hired Mr Stelzl as an adviser to optimise one of our existing systems. A central element of this system, which is still functioning very well, was a control computer which was based on special hardware. Creating and adapting recipes  was only possible by using time-consuming and error-prone terminal entries.  By using the innovative concept from Mr Stelzl this can now take place in automated fashion using modern software. This was very cost-efficient and in the process a capital-intensive investment could be avoided. The solution is  working completely trouble-free for years to our absolute satisfaction”

Dr. Volker Seidemann

COO, Sensitec GmbH


“Mr Stelzl identified early on the advantages of our Visual Applets software, a graphical programming and development environment for FPGA processors in industrial image processing. He is one of our early customers and has been using the software for almost 10 years. I have got to know him in several projects and coaching sessions as an exceptionally well-trained engineer. Even under time pressure the work was always constructive and pleasant. In particular, I would like to highlight his exceptional knowledge in the practical use of line scan cameras, a skill which is rare in the market.”

Dr. Klaus-Henning Noffz

CEO, Silicon Software GmbH


“From 2004 I was given the opportunity to work with Mr Stelzl as part of a customer project in the field of “Wafer Level Packaging”. In this project he designed, developed and installed the entire metrology equipment for the R&D production in our location in Berlin and for the mass production in Singapore. With his ability to combine innovative and complex technologies, he has created systems which provided more process feedback then established systems.”

Dr. Michael Töpper

Businessdeveloper, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (known by its German initials IZM)