Author: Peter Czepelka

100 days have passed since I started here. New and exciting, but at the same time familiar and trusted, that’s how I would succinctly describe the first weeks at MSTVision.

Familiar surroundings
Although this is my first permanent position at MSTVision after finishing my Master’s degree, the company and the team are not unfamiliar to me due to my work as a freelancer. Back in 2017, I started my first design tasks for customer projects and the development of technical solutions for internal purposes. I have also been involved in the one or other company event.

Team feeling from day 1
In addition to the permanent position with regular working hours, we moved into the new premises at Ginsheim-Gustavsburg. The associated tasks were for the whole team definitely new and exciting. In this hot phase, I could clearly feel how good the cohesion between the colleagues was and how committed we all were to the cause. The feeling remains, even now that everyday life is slowly returning.

The MSTVision flat-share – also in the office
Everyone takes responsibility for everything and everyone. Things that are considered self-evident in large companies and are no longer even noticed, we organise ourselves in addition to our daily business. For example, someone has to take care of replenishing water and coffee, while another colleague (me), for example, takes care of putting the rubbish bins out on the street in time for them to be emptied. You would certainly find a lot of this in a well-organised student flat-share 😉

Active projects from the start
I am employed at MSTVision as a project engineer and feel most comfortable in mechanics and mechanical design. This certainly sets me apart from most of my colleagues, whose expertise lies more in software development and electrical engineering. And so, in addition to moving and organising, there were smaller and larger customer projects for me in the first few weeks, where I was able to actively support them with my knowledge.

Flexibility & Diversity
Besides, I am very happy about the variety of the work, which among other things allows me to move around a lot and doesn’t tie me to the screen around the clock. Not only do I benefit from the new height-adjustable desk or the daily commute by bike, but also from numerous production and assembly tasks in our workshop and, of course, the long distances across our corridor. Not to forget the flexibility that my part-time employment gives me.

The first 100 days are counted…
…and I am looking forward to many more 100 days, with exciting and varied tasks, interesting customer projects and not to forget, fun at work.