In September, the two of us started our professional internship phase at MSTVision. We already knew Michael Stelzl from his lecture at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and therefore already had a very good idea of what to expect in terms of content. Halfway through our internship, however, we now know that there are a few more reasons why it’s worth starting here.

Active involvement from day 1

Right from the first day, we were completely integrated into the project work. We didn’t have any time to get bored at all. Just one week after we started, we were at Vision 2021 in Stuttgart. There we had the chance to talk to potential customers and get an impression of the market and projects.

Valuable practical experience

The preparation of the trade fair demos and, in addition, the direct work on current customer projects were part of everyday life for us from the very beginning. We learned from practical examples how to design and conceive powerful solutions in image processing on the hardware side. For us, this meant above all exciting insights into the design of new prototypes.


Talking to customers and taking an active role in trade shows and projects from day 1 is not a given. Right from the start, MSTVision made it a point to give us knowledge, but also to teach us how to take responsibility. This also includes the fact that mistakes can happen and that something could go wrong, but that you take responsibility for it and know better the next time. All of this clearly shows how highly employees are valued at MSTVision.

For the physical well-being is provided

But appreciation also means that our physical well-being is taken care of at all times. Cinnamon buns, nut cookies, cakes, cookies, ice cream – whatever is needed to make up for a sugar low can certainly be found in our team kitchen.

The best working atmosphere

Last but not least, at MSTVision, the personal relationship and collaboration are paramount. In addition to the teamwork we experience every day, there are moments that require different solutions. For example, we both started the first MSTVision student shared apartment and MSTVision supports us so we can focus on work instead of the travel route.

We still have half the time to go, but we are already sure that we will continue to have a very good time!