In the last weeks and months, we have convinced several customers that our MultiChannel technology answers the needs of demanding line scan applications like surface inspection within battery production lines.

MultiChannel allows the acquisition of up to 8 different illumination setups within a single pass of the product using time division multiplexing. The Photometric Stereo extension enables the separation of texture and topography properties without any CPU load at full bandwidth of standard line scan cameras.

“Topography defects” may be detected regardless of whether they are in very bright/shiny areas of the image or within very dark ones.

Have a look at the pictures!
– Picture 1: Used setup with 7 different line lights form the company MTD GmbH and with hardware from Basler AG.
– Picture 2: Tiled image with picture of the sample, 7 acquired images and 4 calculated images.
– Picture 3: Tiled image of a detail of the sample