In the last weeks and months, we have heard a lot of talks about quality inspection within battery production lines. We think our MultiChannel technology answers the needs of the involved process engineers and quality managers.

MultiChannel allows the acquisition of up to 8 different illumination setups within a single pass of the product using time division multiplexing. No special hardware is needed. Customers may choose out of the shelf line scan cameras and triggerable line lights.

The combination of a backlight, a darkfield and a reflective channel provides access to most of the relevant material properties within the different process steps. Depending on the material mix the use of different wavelengths may be beneficial.

Our Photometric Stereo extension enables the detection of “topography” defects even within textured surfaces. Since reflectivity properties (Albedo) are separated from surface topography properties (normal vector → curvature), the defect detection within bright and dark areas is possible.

So far, we are able to acquire and process 800MByte per second (e.g. 8k line scan camera @100kHz line rate). We are working hard on the next hardware generation and hopefully next week at the VISION 2021 we will show 16k @100kHz (1,6GB/s). Let’s keep fingers crossed.

You will see this application “live in action” at our booth E40.4 in hall 10 at VISION 2021. So please visit us, drop an e-mail or give a call. We are happy to discuss your application either in battery production or in any other area. We are very interested in your feedback about this technology!

Have a look at the pictures:

Picture 1: Used setup with 7 different line lights form the company MTD GmbH and with hardware from from Basler AG.

Picture 2: Tiled image with picture of the sample, 7 acquired images, 4 calculated images.

Picture 3: Tiled image of a detail of the sample.